22 October 2013 Current Affairs

” Gold Leaf ” Trees Discovered In The Australian Outback

Scientists from Australia’s Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) have discovered that eucalyptus trees in the Australian outback are drawing up gold particles from deep underground through their root system and depositing the precious metal in their leaves and branches. Rather than being a new source of “gold leaf,” the discovery could provide a cheaper, more environmentally friendly way to uncover valuable gold ore deposits.Certain trees on which the research was done, brought the gold from a depth of 30 metres, which is equal to the 10-storey building.This gold was found in resource-rich Kalgoorlie region of Western Australia, which, in late 1800s was a primary site of the major gold rush. In order to analyse the extremely small particles at the high resolution, the scientists made use of CSIRO’s Maia detector at Australian Synchrotron in Melbourne for X-ray imaging. The scientists found out that gold particles with the diameter one-fifth of a human hair were present in the trees.The same method can also used for finding out other metals like copper and zinc. The researchers also explored the gold in leaves of other trees like Acacia Mulga.The latest discoveries of gold fell by 45 percent in past 10 years. In the year 2011, the US Geological Survey revealed that there was around 51000 tonnes of gold remaining in reserve of the world.

Singer Noel Harrison Died

Singer Noel Harrison, known to millions for The Windmills Of Your Mind, has died on 22 October.Noel John Christopher Harrison was an English singer, actor, and Olympic skier.He was the son of British actor Sir Rex Harrison.The Windmills Of Your Mind won an Oscar for best song.Harrison was born in London on 29 January 1934.Noel Harrison spent most of his life in America, as an actor and performer. However he moved back to the UK in the last decade to live in South Devon.He starred in the TV series The Girl from UNCLE and had chart hits with A Young Girl and Suzanne, by Leonard Cohen while he was living in US.

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