JKSSB Laboratory Assistant Previous Paper fully Solved

JKSSB Laboratory Assistant Previous Paper fully Solved

Q.No: 1 INSTRUCTION: Read the given passage carefully. The passage has five questions and each question has four options. Out of the given options any ONE is the answer. Please note that all the question numbers are marked in the passage and may include synonyms, antonyms, usages, fill in the blanks etc.
Pavan, the elder of the sons and the would-be bridegroom was to [1] hold the fort at home, while Ranu – the younger one, was to go to the town only [2] _____miles off and purchase various commodities like sugar, oil and salt. It was quite acceptable to both the brothers, this [3] division of labor. Early in the morning of the wedding day, Ranu started [4] _____the town. He was expected to be back within a few hours. He did not return in the forenoon. His elder brother [5] _____ about him but his mother assured him, “He is surely on his way back here.”

[1] The phrase ‘to hold the fort’ means

A Be confident
B Act carelessly
C To wait for action
D To take responsibility
Ans: D
Q.No: 2 [2] Fill in the blank with the most appropriate option.
A very few
B a few
C many
D the few
Ans: B
Q.No: 3
[3] ‘Division of labour’ here means

A To share responsibility
B To hear someone
C To come near
D To have work
Ans: A
Q.No: 4
[4] Fill in the blank with the most appropriate option.

A Far
B For
C Far off
D Far away
Ans: B
Q.No: 5
[5] Fill in the blank with the most appropriate option.

A Enquiry
B Enquired
C Enquiring
D Have enquired
Ans: B
Read the given passage carefully. Each passage is followed by 5 statements/questions. As per the information given in the passage, mark the statements/questions either True(T) OR False(F).
The project work is expected to provide thrill in learning chemistry. It is expected to serve the real purpose of practical work, which means inculcating the ability to design an experiment, to make observations methodically and to draw conclusions out of experimental data. The real purpose of practical work should be to enable the students to represent the outcome of experiments logically to conclusion, with genuine appreciation of its limitation.

The real purpose of learning chemistry is to have only theoretical knowledge.

A True
B False
C Null
D Null
Ans: B

Q.No: 7
Designing an experiment requires practical experience.

A True
B False
C Null
D Null
Ans: A
Q.No: 8
The above Passage focuses on the importance of practical knowledge in learning chemistry.

A True
B False
C Null
D Null
Ans: A
Q.No: 9 Students who have practical knowledge will be able to draw logical conclusions.
A True
B False
C Null
D Null
Ans: A
Q.No: 10
A True
B False
C Null
D Null
Ans: A
Q.No: 11 If the area of a semi-circle is 693 cm2, then its perimeter will be:
A 110 cm
B 54 cm
C 109 cm
D 108 cm
Ans: D
Q.No: 12 The thickness of 54 sheets of paper is 15.12 mm. What is the thickness of each sheet in cm?
A 0.028 cm
B 28 cm
C 2.8 cm
D .0028 cm
Ans: A
Q.No: 13 The length of a rectangular board is 42 inches, and its width is 34 inches. What will be the value of the area, in square inches?
A 1390 square inches
B 2856 square inches
C 76 square inches
D 1428 square inches
Ans: D
Q.No: 14 The average monthly consumption of milk for 12 months is Rs. 8800. If average monthly consumption of the milk for first 8 months was 240 litres, what is the average monthly consumption of milk in last 4 months? Milk price was constant at Rs. 40 per litres, for the entire year.
A 180 litres
B 200 litres
C 190 litres
D 175 litres
Ans: A
Q.No: 15 If (x+1/x) = 6, find the value of (x2+1/x2)
A 38
B 34
C 36
D 6
Ans: B

Q.No: 16 How many times the surface area of sphere will increase if the radius of sphere is increased 7 times?
A 36 times
B 2 times
C 49 times
D 7 times
Ans: C
Q.No: 17 A,B,C,D and E decide to create a pool of Rs. 25,000 by sharing 23%, 13.56%, 16.74%, 19.45% and 27.25% respectively. What was the amount contributed by B?
A Rs.3930
B Rs.3250
C Rs.3390
D Rs.3400
Ans: C
Q.No: 18 Simplify


Ans: D
Q.No: 19 INSTRUCTION: Refer to the below given graph to answer the following question.
The graph shows the number of accidents in the first six months of a year. The X-axis gives the details of the ‘Months’ and the Y-axis gives the ‘No. of Accidents’.


What is the difference in the number of accidents that took place in the month of Jan, Feb & Mar to that in the month of Apr, May & June.

A 203
B 200
C 201
D 202
Ans: D

Q.No: 21 In the square of the number 329, which amongst the following is the digit in the hundreds place?
A 9
B 2
C 1
D 3
Ans: B
Q.No: 22 What is .05% of 5?
A 0.025
B 0.25
C 2.5
D 0.0025
Ans: D

Q.No: 23 The L.C.M. of two positive integers is twice the larger number. The difference of the smaller number and the H.C.F. of the two numbers is 4, then what is smaller number?
A 10
B 6
C 12
D 8
Ans: D

Q.No: 24 Find the sum of


Ans: D
Refer to the below given graph to answer the following question.
The graph shows the number of accidents in the first six months of a year. The X-axis gives the details of the ‘Months’ and the Y-axis gives the ‘No. of Accidents’.


What is the average number of accidents that have happened in the first 6 months.

A 112
B 115
C 114
D 113
Ans: C
Q.No: 26 Column chromatography is an example of _____________.
A Partition chromatography
B Paper chromatography
C Thin layer chromatography
D Adsorption chromatography
Ans: D
Q.No: 27 The measure of randonness of molecules is _____________________
A Viscosity
B Entropy
C Enthalpy
D Diffusion
Ans: B
Q.No: 28 The magnetic field lines inside a solenoid are
A Perpendicular to the axis
B Spiral
C Circular
D Parallel to the axis
Ans: D
Q.No: 29 When FeCl3 is added to a bleeding cut, the bleeding stops due to………..
A Blood gets coagulated
B Blood becomes a colloid
C Blood gets emulsified
D Blood getting precipitated
Ans: A
Q.No: 30 The nitrogenous component present in milk is ____________________
A Lactose
B Lactin
C Casein
D Trypsin
Ans: C
Q.No: 31 Which of these convert electrical energy to sound energy
A Battery
B Speaker
C Electric Iron
D Solar cell
Ans: B
Q.No: 32 When brakes are applied on a moving vehicle, work done by the application of brakes is
A Zero
B Negative
C Positive
D Both Zero and Negative
Ans: B
Q.No: 33 A magnetic field line is used to find the direction of
A A bar magnet
B Magnetic field
C A compass magnet
D South-North pole
Ans: B
Q.No: 34 Platinum can dissolve in____________________
A Conc. HCL
B Conc. HNO3
C Conc. H2SO4
D Aqua regia
Ans: D
Q.No: 35 For a normal eye, the near point distance is
A 25 cm
B 25 m
C Infinity
D 50 m
Ans: A
Q.No: 36 Which of the following is the excretory organ of invertebrates?
A Nucleolus
B Neurons
C Nephrons
D Nephridium
Ans: D
Q.No: 37 In the hierarchy of classification of living organisms, ___________ is placed one level above Genus.
A Species
B Kingdom
C Family
D Division
Ans: C
Q.No: 38 In Inorganic mixture analysis the 2nd group cations are precipitated as their………………………
A Carbonates
B Sulphides
C Chlorides
D Hydroxides
Ans: B
Q.No: 39 NaCl in solid state is electrically a______________
A Bad conductor of electricity
B Neutral molecule
C Good conductor of electricity
D Super conductor
Ans: A
Q.No: 40 The metal present in the green pigment of plants is…………………..
A Iron
B Chromium
C Magnesium
D Copper
Ans: C

Q.No: 41 If potential difference through a wire is increased five times and current flowing through it is unaffected, the electric power
A Will increase five times
B Will remain unaffected
C Will decrease five times
D Will increase ten times
Ans: A
Q.No: 42 The colour of crystals of Mohr’s salt is______________
A Prussian blue
B White
C Light bluish green
D Crimson red
Ans: C
Q.No: 43 In winters, Rahul’s school teacher told him to wear woolen clothes to keep his body warm as:
A Wool absorbs radiant heat from outside
B Wool rejects heat to other objects
C Wool increases the body temperature
D Wool is a bad conductor of heat
Ans: D
Q.No: 44 The vascular system in plants consist of __________
A xylem
B phloem
C xylem and phloem
D xylem or phloem
Ans: C
Q.No: 45 Some medicines were prescribed by a doctor to Mohan for controlling his fever, such medicines are called…….
A Antiinflammatory
B Analgesic
C Antipyretic
D Emetic
Ans: C
Q.No: 46 Aminobenzene on heating with chloroform and KOH gives a foul smelling toxic gas,which is …………..
C C6H5NH+4Cl–
D C6H5Cl
Ans: A
Q.No: 47 What is the function of a tube cell, of a pollen
A To carry the pollen grain from anther to stigma
B To induce mitosis in pollen grain
C To form sperm cells
D To transport sperm cells to the ovary
Ans: D
Q.No: 48 If a wire of resistance “R” is melted and recast to seven times its length, the new resistance of the wire will be
B R/7
C 7R
D R/3
Ans: C
Q.No: 49 Aluminium is extracted from the ore called …………..
A Malachite
B Bauxite
C Calamine
D Hematite
Ans: B
Q.No: 50 A _________ consists of nucleic acid and a protein coat.
A Fungi
B Protozoa
C Virus
D Algae
Ans: C
Q.No: 51 When the rate of transpiration increases, _________ absorption of water takes place.
A passive
B active
C direct
D indirect
Ans: A
Q.No: 52 What is the S.I. unit of Power?
A Joule
B Hertz
C Watt
D Newton
Ans: C
Q.No: 53 Which part of the human body detoxifies chemicals and metabolizes drugs?
A Heart
B Kidney
C Gallbladder
D Liver
Ans: D
Q.No: 54 In a lab the temperature of a vessel containing water is 328.15 K, its temperature on the Celsius scale is
A 70.15oC
B 55.15oC
C 355.3oC
D 55oC
Ans: D
Q.No: 55 A colored solution when filled in a burette forms a_____________________
A Wavy Meniscus
B Upper Meniscus
C Lower Meniscus
D Plane Meniscus
Ans: B
Q.No: 56 Lime water gets milky in the presence of CO2 because___________________
A CaO is formed
B Ca(OH)2 is formed
C CO2 gets entrapped in the solution
D CaCO3 formed is insoluble in water
Ans: D

Q.No: 57 Three objects of heavy, moderate and light weights respectively were dropped from the top of a tower simultaneously. Which will reach the ground first?
A Heavier object
B Medium object
C Lighter object
D All the three will reach simultaneously
Ans: D
Q.No: 58 Out of CS2 and OCS which molecule has higher dipole moment?
A CS2 being linear
B CS2 because it is symmetrical
C OCS because it is unsymmetrical
D CS2 because of 2S
Ans: C
Q.No: 59 A bus travels 360 Km in 240 minutes. The speed of the bus in m/s is ?
A 4
B 25
C 1440
D 90
Ans: B
Q.No: 60 A ray of light is incident on a plane mirror at an angle of (Xo).If the angle between the incident and reflected rays is 60o, what is the value of (Xo).
A 20o
B 30o
C 80o
D 40o
Ans: B
Q.No: 61 Which among the following options is a fluid that has the same concentration as the fluid in the cell?
A Isotonic
B Hypotonic
C Hypertonic
D Solute
Ans: A
Q.No: 62 Which physical quantity represents mass in motion ?
A Velocity
B Inertia
C Momentum
D Impulse
Ans: C
Q.No: 63 Asexual reproduction produces offspring that are genetically______________.
A identical to the parent
B different from each other
C identical to one of the parents
D different from the parent
Ans: A
Q.No: 64 Myopia can be caused due to
A Elongation of the eye ball
B Shortening of the eye ball
C Increase in focal length of the eye lens
D All of the above
Ans: A
Q.No: 65 In the case of fire, which gas helps to extnguish ___________________
A Oxygen
B Carbon dioxide
C Hydrogen
D Ozone
Ans: B
Q.No: 66 Renu uses a spring balance of least count 5g wt. & 500g wt. She records the weight of a small box in air (W1), tap water (W2) and a concentrated solution of sodium chloride (W3), she is likely to observe that_______
A W1> W2> W3
B W2> W1> W3
C W3> W2> W1
D W1> W3> W2
Ans: A
Q.No: 67 The process used to obtain salt from sea water is called ________________
A Oxidation
B Sublimation
C Evaporation
D Filtration
Ans: C
Q.No: 68 Amar connected four 7 Ohm resistors in parallel, the effective resistance of the combination is ________
A 7/4 ohm
B 28 ohm
C 4/7 ohm
D 49 ohm
Ans: A
Q.No: 69 Time period of a pendulum depends upon________
A Length
B Energy
C Amplitude
D Mass
Ans: A

Q.No: 70 In a circuit, the readings of the voltmeter and ammeter
are 16 and 08 respectively in their S.I. units. The value observed on the resistance box will be________
A 2
B 0.50
C 8
D 128
Ans: A
Q.No: 71 A sample of clorinated water gives a precipitate with ______________
A NaNO3 solution
D AgNO3 solution
Ans: D

Q.No: 72 Rahul wants to take the rough focal length for a given convex mirror, concave mirror , plane mirror and concave lens directly, he can determine the rough focal length in case of ___________
A Concave mirror
B Plane mirror
C Concave lens
D Convex mirror
Ans: A
Q.No: 73 Which of the following is a mixture?
A Silicon dioxide
B Common salt
C Air
D Ammonium Chloride
Ans: C
Q.No: 74 Hydrated copper sulphate is a solid with a_____________
A Violet colour
B Blue colour
C Pink colour
D Orange colour
Ans: B
Q.No: 75 Rehan wants to convert a galvanometer to a voltmeter, he should connect a ____________
A Low resistance in series
B High resistance in parallel
C High resistance in series
D Low resistance in parallel
Ans: C
Q.No: 76 RBCs damaged during blood circulation are deposited in ______
A Muscles
B Bones
C Spleen
D Kidneys
Ans: C
Q.No: 77 What is the reason to make the filter paper as fluted filter paper
A it decreases the surface area
B it increases the surface area
C more particles get trapped
D use it with hot solutions
Ans: B
Q.No: 78 The cleansing action of soap will be the most in water obtained from________________
A Hand Pump
B Pure Rain
C Tap
D Well
Ans: B
Q.No: 79 Pankaj added a few drops of base to distilled water, the pH will become____________________
A 7
B More than 7
C Constant
D Less than 7
Ans: B
Q.No: 80 When you burn a magnesium ribbon in air, magnesium oxide is formed, which is _________ in colour?
A White
B Blue
C Black
D Red
Ans: A
Q.No: 81 Metallic oxides turn red litmus blue, hence they are ___________________
A Neutral
B Acidic
C Basic
D Amphoteric
Ans: C
Q.No: 82 The colours of four bands of a resistor are Red, Violet, Black and Silver. What is the value of resistance?
A 300 ohm (+,-10%)
B 270 ohm (+,-10%)
C 230 ohm (+,-10%)
D 220 ohm (+,-10%)
Ans: B
Q.No: 83 To study the characteristics of a common emitter, the variation of the output collector current with output voltage (keeping input current constant) is known as_______
A Input characteristics
B Output characteristics
C Transfer characteristics
D All of the above
Ans: B
Q.No: 84 Bacteria possess _____.
A An organelle membrane
B No mesomers
C No definite wall
D A definite wall
Ans: D

Q.No: 85 The process of conversion of a solid substance directly into its vapour state is called_______
A Sublimation
B Loading
C Evaporation
D Centrifugation
Ans: A
Q.No: 86 Light controls the distribution of ______ in plants
A Auxins
B Oxygen
C Carbon dioxide
D Water
Ans: A
Q.No: 87 A simple pendulum executing S.H.M. passes through the mean position, it has_________
A Maximum K.E. and Maximum P.E.
B Minimum K.E. and Minimum P.E.
C Minimum K.E. and Maximum P.E.
D Maximum K.E. and Minimum P.E.
Ans: D
Q.No: 88 Pawan put a concave and a convex lens both having same focal length of 10cm, in contact. An object 5 cm long was kept at a distance of 10cm from the lens combination.The image formed will be
A Same size and inverted
B Magnified and inverted
C Magnified and erect
D Same size and erect
Ans: D
Q.No: 89 The diaphragm of a microscope helps in regulating the _____
A Aperture size
B Magnification
C Eye piece
D Ocular piece
Ans: A
Q.No: 90 A small projection growing from a yeast cell is called ______
A Bulb
B Pseudopodia
C Outgrowth
D Tumor
Ans: A
Q.No: 91 Which of the given words will sequentially appear first in a dictionary
A Tryst
B Truth
C Trust
D Tree
Ans: D
Q.No: 92 Pick the odd one out from the given set of words
A Ghee
B Curd
C Cheese
D Oil
Ans: D
Q.No: 93 Which one of the following words can be made from the word ”SATELLITE”
Ans: C
Q.No: 94 Find the next number in the given sequence: 4, 16, 36, ___
A 57
B 72
C 64
D 46
Ans: C
Q.No: 95 If Car:Road; then which of the following relations holds true
A Ship:Sea
B Bicycle:Bell
C Whale:White
D Boat:Waves
Ans: A
Q.No: 96 Pick the odd one out from the given set of numbers
A 14
B 88
C 84
D 20
Ans: A

Q.No: 97 Which of the given words will sequentially appear last in a dictionary
A Brother
B Bike
C Big
D Buckle
Ans: D
Q.No: 98 Which of the following obeys the logical sequence
A Mammals-Fishes-Reptiles-Amphibians
B Reptiles-Fishes-Mammals-Amphibians
C Amphibians-Mammals-Fishes-Reptiles
D Fishes-Amphibians-Reptiles-Mammals
Ans: D
Q.No: 99 Which of the following words cannot be made from the word ”DECIDUOUS”
Ans: C

Q.No: 100 Which one of the options follows the given relation- 1:2:4:8
A 8:16:24:36
B 7:14:28:56
C 0:2:4:8
D 4:16:8:24
Ans: B
Q.No: 101 ‘Bravia’ range of televisions are from which company?
B Philips
C Sony
D Panasonic
Ans: C
Q.No: 102 In the world of cinema, the most celebrated “Academy Awards”, are also known as ?
A Grammy Awards
B Emmy Awards
C Oscars
D Tony Awards
Ans: C
Q.No: 103 The late Vinod Khanna, famous Indian actor and politician, was the Member of Parliament from which constituency ?
A Barnala
B Gorakhpur
C Ferozepur
D Gurdaspur
Ans: D
Q.No: 104 What is the full form of LED?
A Liquid Emission Diode
B Light Evolving Diode
C Level Emitter Diode
D Light Emission Diode
Ans: D
Q.No: 105 The ‘AADHAAR NUMBER’ has how many random digits?
A 6
B 14
C 8
D 12
Ans: D
Q.No: 106 What is the highest number of satellites that were launched by ISRO’s PSLV -C37 in a single flight in 2017?
A 69
B 104
C 72
D 96
Ans: B

Q.No: 107 Manpreet Singh is the captain of the Indian ___________ team.
A Basketball
B Cricket
C Field Hockey
D Soccer
Ans: C
Q.No: 108 India Men Cricket Team lost the finals to Pakistan in which tournament in 2017 ?
A Asia Cup
B Indian Premier League
C World Cup
D Champions Trophy
Ans: D
Q.No: 109 Which country in 2017 gave citizenship to a Robot named ‘Sophia’?
A Romania
B Japan
C Hungary
D Saudi Arabia
Ans: D
Q.No: 110 Miss World (2017) Manushi Chillar is pursuing which academic profession ?
A Engineering
B Architecture
C Medicine
D Chartered Accountancy
Ans: C

Q.No: 111 The traditional tea of J&K “Noon Chai” is pink in colour because a pinch of ______ is added to it.
A Baking soda
B Rose powder
C Turmeric
D Table salt
Ans: A
Q.No: 112 What is Godwin Austen in J&K?
A Mountain Peak
B Garden
C Dish
D Resort
Ans: A
Q.No: 113 In which district the famous Martand sun temple of Jammu and Kashmir is located?
A Srinagar
B Ladakh
C Poonch
D Anantnag
Ans: D
Q.No: 114 Which cricketer appeared in a promotional video for J&K Tourism Department?
A Jonty Rhodes
B Alastair Cook
C Ricky Ponting
D Brett Lee
Ans: A

Q.No: 115 Asia’s second largest fruit mandi is in which town of J&K?
A Sopore
B Pampore
C Jammu
D Udhampur
Ans: A
Q.No: 116 Which of the following is the most widely spoken language of the people of Jammu?
A Hindi
B Punjabi
C Dogri
D Pashto
Ans: C
Q.No: 117 The Afghan empire which ruled Kashmir for a long time was also known as?
A Jamwal dynasty
B Dogra empire
C Durrani empire
D Mizo dynasty
Ans: C
Q.No: 118 Which city is considered to be the cleanest city in Jammu and Kashmir?
A Leh
B Srinagar
C Jammu
D Gulmarg
Ans: A
Q.No: 119 Who played the role of young Geeta Phogat in the film Dangal ?
A Zaira Wasim
B Sakshi Tanwar
C Sanya Malhotra
D Meenu Prajapati
Ans: A
Q.No: 120 Which is the highest plateau in Jammu and Kashmir?
A Rohtas
B Sigur
C Changthang
D Ladakh
Ans: D

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