Suru Valley

Suru Valley is One of the most beautiful regions of ladakh, the Suru valley from the mainstay, of kargil district. Lying nestled along the north eastern foothills of the great Himalayan wall, it extends from kargil town first south ward for a length of about 75kms upto the expanse around panikhar thence east wards for another stretch of nearly 65kms upto the foot of the Penzila watershed where the Suru valley rises.

The composite population of Suru valley is about 30,000.the upper valley reaches of the valley particularly around the sankoo bowl, the Panikhar expense and the higher stretch beyond, present a spectacle of breath lacking features- majestic mountains ramparts crowned by snow capped peaks, undulating alpine slow draining into wild mountain streams of foaming cascades of pristine water, awesome glaciers descending along the Himalayan slopes to the river bed in riverine formation.

Places of interest:

The lower portion of Suru valley offers panoramic view of kun (7035m) and nun (7135m) and other peaks in the range. sanku, the main town of the valley has daily bus service from kargil . a (7mtr) high rock sculpture of mailreya buddha at kartse near sanku is worth seeing.


25km ahead of sankoo bis surrounded by nun-and-kun peaks. some of the most adventurous treks start from this village towards kashmir valley.


(3657m) the farthest and the most isolated part of the Suru valley . Rangdum is an elliptical expanded plateau surrounded is an elliptical expanded plateau surrounded by colourful hills on the one side and glacier encrusted rocky mountains on the other. situated 130kms south-east of kargil, it falls midway between kargil and padum. due to its remoteness from inhabited parts either of Suru valley or zanskar, the areas wild beauty is almost hounting. while its isolated is near perfect even as the unpaved zanskar road traverses its length. the chief attraction of this area is an imposing 18th century .

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