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How To Crack JK Panchayat Account Assistant In Two Weeks


The JK Panchayat Account Assistant exam is going to be conducted from 11th November 2020. With just two weeks for the examination it’s high time to revise and practice.

To help you with your revision and to make your preparations stronger, here we bring you a two week Revision Plan for J&K Panchayat Account Assistant Exam.

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Let’s glance through two weeks (14 days) JK Panchayat Account Assistant Revision Plan


Day Slot 1 Slot 2
Day 1 Attempt  A JK Panchayat Mock Test 1/ Analyze Your Performance 1.    Popular   names of personalities (Religion, Politics, Scientific discoveries,   Geographical, Sports, History)

2.    Trading Account Profit loss account and   balance sheet

Day 2 1.    Theory of Probability, Tabulation, and compilation of data, Methods of collecting primary and secondary data.

2.    Factors of production and law, Demand   Analysis.

1.    Constitution of India – Formation, Fundamental rights, Directive principles.

2.    Panchayat Raj Act of 1989

Day 3 Attempt   JK Panchayat Mock Test 2/ Analyze Your Performance 1.    Introduction to Financial Accounting and its terms

2.    Introduction of   Economics – Basic concepts and principles.

Day 4 1.    Computer Knowledge – Introduction and   objectives

2.    Concept of Social accounting, Social Audit   and cash-based single entry system of accounting

1.    Climate and crops in the state and India.

2.    Financial audit, Elements of Double-entry   bookkeeping

Day 5 Attempt JK Panchayat Mock Test 3/   Analyze Your Performance 1.    73rd amendment of the constitution of India

2.    Theory of Attributes – Basic concept and their   application

Day 6 1.    Terms and Abbreviation used in IT.

2.    Rules of journalizing, Trial Balance.

1.    Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and Budgeting including own resource, generation, and budgeting of panchayat.

2.    Matrices & Determinants

Day 7 Attempt JK Panchayat Mock   Test 4/ Analyze Your Performance 1.    Basic Applications of Computer and its   component Bringing computer to life

2.    Important Tourist Destinations

Day 8 1.    Accounting equation and Journal, Voucher   Approach in Accounting

2.    Sampling and non-sampling errors

1.    Growth – Fiscal Policy, Meaning, Scope and   Methodology, Production, cost and efficiency.

2.    Partnership Accounts, Cash Book

Day 9 Attempt   JK Panchayat Mock Test 5/ Analyze Your Performance 1.    Fundamentals of computer sciences, Hardware   & Software, Concept of open-source Technologies, Input & Output   Devices.

2.    Concept of Gram   Panchayat Development Plan (GPDP).

Day 10














1.    a. Concept of Computer virus & latest   Anti-Virus.

Basics of MS Excel.

b. MS Access, MS PowerPoint                                                       About Internet &   Email
2.    Analysis of Time Series components,   Demography – Census, its features, and functions.

1.    Quick  Revision of Biology, Physics & Chemistry Topics.

2.    Bank Reconciliation   Statements, Financial Management/Statements

3.    Agriculture in economic development,   industrialization, and economic development.

Day 11 Attempt JK Panchayat Mock   Test 6/ Analyze Your Performance 1.     Vital statistics – Measures of fertility, Measures of Mortality, specific fertility rates, gross and net reproduction rates.

2.    Financial audit, Elements of Double-entry   bookkeeping

Day 12 1.    Current events of state, national, and international levels.

2.    History of J&K State – Places and their   importance., Sustainable Development Goal

1.    Set theory- Basic Concepts &   Applications                                                           Demand Analysis,

2.    Theory of Consumers demand   using indifference curve technique, Pricing under various forms of markets


Day 13 Attempt JK Panchayat Mock   Test 7/ Analyze Your Performance Attempt JK Panchayat Mock Test 8/   Analyze Your Performance
Day 14 Attempt   A JK Panchayat Mock Test 9/ Analyze Your Performance  Attempt   A JK Panchayat Mock Test 10 / Analyze Your Performance

Your consistency will help you reach your goal. Follow the revision plan just like this. While preparing for this exam, please note, practicing is more important than just learning concepts. Taking mock tests determines your success rate in the exam and will strengthen your preparations in the following manner:

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Other Advantages of Taking Oliveboard J&K Panchayat Mock Tests

 Let us have a look at the special features provided by Oliveboard after attempting every mock test.

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This is all from us in this article JK Panchayat Account Assistant two week revision plan. The above revision plan will surely help you in your preparation and help in achieving your goal.


All The Best!


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